The Benefits of Replacing Your Windows With UPVC

upvc window replacement in warrington

If your windows are still being held up by wooden window frames you could be negatively impacting your ability to control internal temperatures and the cost of running your home. Apart from being old fashioned, wooden window frames are not practical in modern homes and are not a long term, cost effective solution. UPVC windows are a hugely popular choice for window replacement in Warrington due to their many benefits.

Here at Causeway Home Improvement Group we have been supplying and installing uPVC windows for many years and continue to do so, as there are so many ways that they can improve your home. Here’s why you should be replacing your windows with uPVC!


Insulating and Energy Efficient

uPVC windows can reduce energy and heating costs significantly more than wooden or aluminium windows. They’re highly insulating as they prevent heat from escaping, and stop cold air and draughts entering the home, which in turn creates a more regulated, consistent and comfortable temperature. This helps to keep your home energy efficient as draughts in the home will increase your energy bills, particularly the cost of heating. We supply high energy rated replacement uPVC windows that will keep your energy bills low and keep your home warm for years to come.

As well as heat insulation, uPVC window frames provide noise insulation meaning you won’t be disturbed by outside traffic noises. uPVC generally help to create a more comfortable home.


Durable and Secure

uPVC window frames are made from a form of toughened plastic and steel which makes it a highly robust and resilient material for the use of window frames. Their strength and durability makes them long lasting as they’re resistant to rotting, warping, and rusting, as opposed to wooden window frames.

Also, if you’re looking to increase security in your home then uPVC windows are the way to go as their durability also makes them resistant to damage and vandalism, making break-ins by thieves more difficult.


Stylish and Versatile

uPVC window frames look sleek, stylish, and contemporary with a white, glossy appearance. They also look stylish all year round as they’re resistant to weather damage, so we’re sure that your windows will look just as good in years to come as they did on the day they were fitted as replacement windows. They’re also easy to maintain and don’t require too much maintenance work apart from the odd clean to keep that bright white appearance.

uPVC windows are a popular choice due to their versatility. We supply and install a range of uPVC window styles including casement windows, tilt and turn windows, sash windows, and bay windows.


Cost Effective

Apart from significantly reducing your energy bills and saving you money in this area, uPVC is generally cheaper than other materials such as aluminium and timber. Costs can depend on the style of window and any added features, but compared to other materials uPVC is cost effective due to its many benefits.


uPVC Window Replacement In Warrington 

To improve the security, appearance, and energy efficiency of your home, uPVC windows are a perfect choice. Replacing your existing windows with uPVC is a worthwhile investment as you will not need to replace them again for years to come. We have built up a fantastic reputation for installing quality uPVC windows across the North West, so if you’re looking for window replacement in Warrington and want to future-proof your home with uPVC, there’s only one place to visit.

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