Why Everybody Needs Double Glazed Windows in Their Home

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If you haven’t yet got double glazed windows throughout your property you may be asking yourself whether they are actually necessary. After all, you’ve survived this long without them. The title of this article should tell you where we stand on the subject.

We supply and install double glazing, so you might consider us biased, but it isn’t just us who suggest that every home could benefit from double glazed windows. We’re going to take you through just some of the information that exists about how double glazing could benefit the average home.

The case for double glazed windows

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that installing double glazed windows throughout a three bedroom semi-detached house could save up to £110 per year on energy bills. Throughout their 20+ year lifespan that is a considerable saving.

However, it’s not all about cost savings. Going off those figures it would take a while to recoup the cost incurred by fitting double glazing. The instant benefit is warmth and comfort. Numerous studies show that huge amounts of heat is lost through single glazed windows. In a study by which.co.uk 60% of householders surveyed said their home was warmer since installing double glazing. Frankly, we’re surprised that the figure was so low! In our experience, especially when a property also has adequate roof insulation, a much higher percentage of people notice the increased warmth of their home brought by new double glazed windows.

The benefits of double glazing

So what do double glazed windows do for your home? Exactly what differences can you expect to notice when you have them installed?

  • Trap heat in – double glazed windows use two panes of glass, separated by a narrow pocket of air. It’s actually this pocket of air that keeps your home warmer. The trapped air acts as insulation, keeping more warmth inside your home and the difference, in many cases, can be noticed as soon as the weather gets cold
  • Keep noise out – this insulation is also an excellent noise reduction tool. If you live near a road or railway line, or in a busy area you’re likely to notice a difference in how much noise you can hear through your windows after installing double glazing
  • Reduces condensation – if you usually have to wipe your windows down in the morning on cold days, or even if you just notice condensation build up on the inside of your single glazed windows, double glazed windows will reduce or completely eradicate this
  • Make your home more secure – the final, very compelling benefit of double glazing is that it makes your home more secure. Modern double glazed windows are far more difficult to break or damage than single glazing

So there you have it! Those are the main benefits of double glazed windows and the reasons why we believe that every home could benefit from them. Don’t suffer another winter in a cold home. Replace old windows with durable, insulating uPVC framed double glazed windows now and be ready for when the weather turns.

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